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Shawn and Capri Little of Essex, Montana
own and operate Snowy Springs.

Shawn, a life long resident of Montana is an experienced backcountry guide, packer, taxidermist and team roper. An all around horseman and outdoorsman, he grew up raising and showing quarter horses and has been hunting since he was ten years old. Shawn is a licensed outfitter with the Montana Board of Outfitters (# 2480), a licensed taxidermist with the State of Montana, a member of the Professional Wilderness Outfitter Association (PWOA) and a receiver of the Achievement Medal issued by the U.S. Forest Service.

Capri is an experienced backcountry guide, cook, packer and has been horse crazy as long as she can remember.

Shawn began operating the outfitting business in 1987, Capri joined him in 1990.

They, along with their experienced crew are prepared to take you on a backcountry trip that will provide memories for a life time.

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How It All Started

Growing up with horses and the mountains of Montana surrounding him, Shawn and his family went on pack trips during the summer and each fall went on an extended hunting trip. Once grown Shawn did a variety of jobs, then settled on becoming a taxidermist. This came easy to him as he had so much experience seeing animals in their natural habitat. But the longing to spend more time in the mountains soon turned his thoughts to becoming and outfitter and providing a service to all to see the wonderful wilderness of our nation. He had even given up a successful high school football career because it interfered with his hunting.

He and his stepfather, Phil, began researching backcountry permits and found one on the market that appealed to Shawn. With a meeting of business associates of his mother, Mary Margaret, and Phil, Snowy Springs was born. One of these associates was renowned western artist, Fred Fellows, who was generous enough to provide the Snowy Springs logo, which we are quite proud of. Shawn now had to begin the process of obtaining an outfitter’s license, which was not an easy chore. He took tests, clawed his way through red tape and came out a licensed outfitter in the State of Montana.

Capri began her riding career ant the age of 8. She came to Montana in 1984 and fell in love with the wilderness and the horse riding aspect of it. She began working for an outfitter, and actually learned to cook in the backcountry. She and Shawn met in Kalispell and became friends in the rodeo world. After Shawn started his outfitting business she would help out occasionally and then more. And before you know it, they decided to get married. (which is a long and funny story in itself) Of course Shawn swears to this day that she asked him. Oh well, it seems to have worked out as they were married in 1992 and had a daughter, McKinnon, in 1998.