Price List



Day Rides*

Just a Taste (1.5-2 hours) 11am or 2pm $100
Half Day (4 hours) 10am $250
Full Day (7-8 hours) 9am $400

Full Day Alpine Lake Fishing (min 8 hours)      8 to 9am


Specialty Pack Trips

 Sightseeing  $550/day
 Fishing  $700/day

Fishing Trips

Full day fishing $600
Full Day Alpine Lake Fishing $1000
Multi-day fishing $700/day

Fishing Licenses
purchase online

Two Day non-resident or One Day         N/A 
Ten Day non-resident                              N/A

*Day ride scenery varies depending on your interest & physical ability
*Helmets available
*Snacks and water provided
*Don’t forget to pick up your Snowy Springs sticker!

All trips meet at Snowy Base Camp

15600 US Hwy 2 E, Essex, Montana

18 miles west of East Glacier
38 miles east of West Glacier

Between Mile Marker 190 & 191

Our horseback adventures require “Reservations” because we are not your standard horseback concessionaire. We do not saddle 15 horses and tie them up by the highway each morning. We only saddle those horses for which we have reservations. Trail rides are often just your group, giving you a much more personalizied experience.

Age Limits: Horseback Riding – 6 years old

Drop Camp Packing Rates:

Destination Granite Creek Castle Lake Three Forks Schafer Meadows
Riding Horse $135 $250 $220 $250
Guide $250 $250 $250 $250
Pack Stock $135 $300 $220 $300
Packer $300 $300 $300 $300

One guide will be added for every 6 riding horses. Each pack animal can carry no more than 75 pounds per side (total per animal is 150 pounds). If more than 6 pack animals are required, an additional packer will be added (1 packer/6 head of stock).

Wilderness Hunt Trips

Call for pricing